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Founder of Leap of Mind

Attendees of Clinical Psychology . Nanjing Medical University

Attendees of Psychology with Science, Technology & Enigineering Faculty . La Trobe University

"I still can vividly recall the words from one of my professors in year 1980, who was part of the think tank behind the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter:

‘Information technology will be the tiger, which dictates every single element of our reality in the future. It will diminish the vast distance that have been separating the cities, and narrow the communication gaps among humans, which ultimately bring about the potential conflicts escalations. The worldly balance will be upset in the wake of catastrophe, and it all comes down to how human beings handle this tiger.’

This is the era of information explosion, in which a majority of the countries are engaged in economic warfare under the edifice of capitalism. Stress accumulates easily under a system full of extreme exploitations. Reported tragedies due to mental problems are increasing at a double-digit growth rate, all of which reflects the absence of the fundamental elements of life, love and sincerity. Leap of Mind is the place where we strive to accommodate such fundamentals."



Honorary Advisor of Leap of Mind – Mr. 李建成
(Former Principal of TWGHs Lee Chi Hung Memorial Primary School)

“I am very grateful that the younger generation today is willing to put effort and time in promoting psycho-education. This is indeed the crucial step towards the education of holistic development, and the rite of passage to becoming a ‘complete being.’ Therefore, I will fully support Leap of Mind, with my best effort, in all circumstances.”




Honorary Advisor (Financial) of Leap of Mind – Mr. 林廷磯

"Being in the financial services industry, I carry huge responsibility in providing the best investment services for my clients. I always place my clients' interest first by fashioning comprehensive and rewarding packages for them. I always ask myself, 'Can I do a better job for them?' Once I slow down my pace, not only do I notice the encompassing beauty always surrounding me; it instantaneously struck me on how important it is to possess spiritual wealth. I hope that I could help people to find their callings, and eventually, their paths toward spiritual richness via Leap of Mind."

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