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> Vision, Mission and Belief


To become a professional, dynamic organization that actively raises the public awareness on the importance of mental health and support the younger generation to enhance their psychological well-being and to construct happy life.


1. To raise public awareness on the importance of mental and spiritual health through psycho-education, workshops, public events, and etc.

2. To benefit our children and youth by incorporating elements of counselling psychology into various forms of experiential activities such that children and youth can unearth their potentials, develop their talents and maintain a well-balanced and holistic development.

3. To provide counselling services for those who encounter hardships in daily life, academic and/or career.

4. To operate as a social enterprise with the aim to enhance the awareness of mental health and generalize mental health services to all members in the society.


To establish culturally appropriate counselling approach for local Chinese by integrating western psychology and Chinese culture.

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