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The History and Development of Leap of Mind

It is no doubt that people from all walks of life may experience the feeling of “walking through the valley of shadow”.  With the rapid development of the society and the generalization of technology, the distance between people appears to grow farther and farther apart.  When distress arising from accumulated pressure exceeds ones' emotional threshold, and with the absence of others to ease the emotional burden, our daily lives can be greatly impacted.

The founder of Leap of Mind, Ms. Matilda Huen, recognized the severity of mental distress and decided to establish “Leap of Mind” in 2010 with the aim to assist and put efforts in helping people suffering from mental distress / disorders and their family. In addition to providing direct assistance to people suffering from mental distress, Leap of Mind also commits itself in psycho-education. We believe that children will be more capable of dealing with mental distress and other struggles when they are nurtured in a free and inspiring environment, allowing a healthy physical, mental and spiritual development. 

Currently, the main source of financial support of Leap of Mind comes from the Health Promotion Association (HK) Company Limited and the generous donation from the public. In order to serve the community sustainably and effectively, Leap of Mind operates as a social enterprise to provide a variety of workshops, seminars and other tailored programs for various schools, social services organizations, communities and to cooperate with companies in the business sectors. We hope that, while promoting our vision and educating the public, we can also raise funds from the above services for people in need.

The Conception of Leap of Mind

The scarcity of resources leads to the vigorous competition in the society. In spite of their age, gender, social status, and profession, many people in the society are spending an immense amount of time to learn, work and enhance their skills and abilities to avoid exclusion by the society and to improve their quality of lives.

It is no doubt that there have been great improvements in individuals’ living standards and competitiveness nowadays.  However, these improvements in living standards and competitiveness are achieved at the expense of a great price:  emotional health, mental health and physical health.  Sadly, we often do not realize our sacrifices outweigh the achievements and successes we desired; for example, owning a fancy, luxurious “house” that lacks “hominess”; spending thousands and thousands of dollars on luxuries yet unable to fill empty souls.  Are these what we really long for and dream of?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as follow: "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease". This statement highlights the significance of mental health on individual’s well-being. Therefore, Leap of Mind hopes to enhance the public’s awareness and understanding of mental health, minimize and prevent the problems and consequences that arise from mental distress through psycho-education and mental health promotion.

2016 onwards

We will feel less healthy.

Health systems are generally quite conservative. This is why lots of radical forecasts of the recent past have not quite been materialized. Contrary to past predictions, yet we do not often carry smart cards packed with health data. We will be more aware of the many things that are, or could be, going wrong, and partly because more of us will be living with a long-term condition, such as Alzheimer's, that will increasingly afflict our population as it ages.

Worsened by low levels of investment and effective treatment coverage, mental disorders have serious economic consequences (at least US$800 billion costs just by depression in 2010) and it is expected to double by 2030. The foregone economic output because of mental, neurological and substance use disorders globally has finally raised public awareness.

By 2030, mental health may at last be treated on the same level with physical health. Medicine may have found smart drugs for some conditions but the other impact may still be achieved by various innovative interventions and programs. For such, Leap of Mind will strive to design and to provide for those in need with basics as well as for an answer for their condition on theirs and their family's well being.

Source : WHO, "Out of the Shadows : Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority", 2016

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