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Misunderstanding Work, Occupation, Career:
Teacher's Inability to Educate "Career and Life Planning"

Sky Post – 23/3/2015



LOM's Focus of Year 2015:  Disadvantaged Youths

What is your association and or reaction when you hear “Special Education Needs,” “Indecisive Achievers,” “Low Motivation Youths” and “Disengaged Youths”? Headache? Troublesome?

There are a significant number of youths in Hong Kong with the qualities mentioned above. Youths with such qualities may be around you, whom are at disadvantaged positions. In spite of the increasing awareness of and focus on students and youths in Hong Kong today, they are still facing many problems at home, at school and in the society. They are experiencing and dealing with struggles that others may not understand.

You may wonder what problems would youths who are exceptionally intelligent encounter? Undoubtedly, “intelligent youths,” who make considerable accomplishments academically, may make inappropriate decisions during the decision-making process even when they are in an advantageous position. After making unfavourable decisions, these youths may inevitably feel defeated, affecting their self-confidence, and become fearful of making the “wrong” decision that may have long term impact on their future. They are undoubtedly affected emotionally in one way or the other. Chronic depression and fear may cause other problems. Care and guidance from adults are particularly important to this group of young students.

Taking students with low motivation for example, despite the fact that they desire to reach goals, with a low sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence, they feel that the goals are unattainable. They become emotional as they are being treated differently at school, at home and in the society. They often feel that there is no one understands them and eventually feel hopeless about their future. People around them do not know how to intervene and feel helpless also.  With the lack of appropriate support and guidance from mature adults, their situation may gradually worsens, developed into social and behavioral problems, and a vicious cycle may be resulted.

Are such youths really that “troublesome”?

Leap of Mind hopes to give a hand to this group of neglected youths. We truly understand the necessity of positive guidance and nurture to assist their whole-person development. To allow for better understanding of these youths among the public, Leap of Mind sincerely invites you to join our events and programs to experience and feel the lives of these youths.



In the Eyes of Youths:  Career Planning





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