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Highlights of Past Events


November 2, 2014 - "Psyche · Family · Drama · Life" Interactive DramaThe interactive drama, “EXIT,” held on November 2, 2014 was a success. Audiences were very engaged and touched by various scenes of the drama. They actively participated during the interaction session, putting themselves in the shoes of the characters and playing one of the roles to change the ending of the drama. Everyone had an enjoyable time. Thanks to the audiences, various schools, Theatre Noir and volunteers for their support and participation. Special thanks to American Women’s Association of Hong Kong for their sponsorship, so we can organize this interactive drama specifically for family and youths. 


October 29 to 31, 2014 - Bonding at Hong Kong DisneylandLeap of Mind was honored to receive 120 admission tickets from Hong Kong Disneyland. Students from four local schools, their parents and teachers had a fabulous time at Hong Kong Disneyland with our Corporate Volunteers on 29th, 30th, and 31st of October 2014. They had a special and meaningful day not only having fun at Disneyland, but also promoting the parent-child bonding. 


September 6, 2014 - LOM Love and Care Mid-Autumn Festival
Leap of Mind and the Volunteer Team from Furgo Technical Services Limited gathered during Mid-Autumn Festival to visit elders at TWGHs Pong Wing Siu Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. Volunteers and elders bonded, played games and shared experiences. Leap of Mind shared the importance of communication and showed in action by spending quality time with elders.  We also gave out mooncakes, fruits, and small gifts to them to celebrate this festival together.   The bright smiles on elders' faces let us know that our efforts, love and care were well received.


July to August 2014 - Summer Seminars for Parents and Fellow Counselling Services Providers
Leap of Mind is very pleased to receive funding from the international charity organization “American Women’s Association,” which allows us to provide free services and events on family and work related stress alleviation. The series of seminars aim to 1) assist parents in parent-child communication, and 2) assist teaching staff and counseling service provides struggles and conflicts between students, teaching staff and the school arising from stress to enhance parent-child bonding and cultivate caring culture in schools.


June 2014 – Leap of Mind X Van Shun Chong Holdings Limited: Green Living
Leap of Mind and Van Shun Chong Holdings Limited partnered to carry out various charity events, including the organic farming project, “GO! VSC FARM!”, which is located at the Go Green Organic Farm in Yuen Long. This organic farming project not only provides a green living space for people to get in touch with nature, it also benefits people from the lower socioeconomic class. 


April 5 to May 18, 2014 – Leap of Mind Fundraiser 2014

Leap of Mind has been providing various types of services for people in Hong Kong and, in particular, youths. We have been paying special attention and putting efforts in the mental health of youths. The funds raised from this Love Vouchers fundraise will be used in counseling and life and career education works for local youths. Special thanks to the support from various sectors, and specifically our volunteer team. This fundraise event would not have happened without our dedicated volunteers, putting in their efforts, time and passion. We believe we made some positive influences across various districts in Hong Kong through this fundraise!


April 18, 2014 - Elders Home Visitation Day

Decided to promote love and care to the disadvantaged in our community, Leap of Mind actively participate in various social services. On April 18, 2014, we visited the elders at Pok Leung Pok Ever Green Day Care Centre for the Elderly in Kwai Chung. Elders received cookies donated by the Hong Kong Broadband Network from our volunteers. Volunteers and elders spent a joyful afternoon together chatting and taking photos. Special thanks to the event committee for their preparations.


October 18, 2013 - Radio Program Guest: Leap of Mind's Counselling PsychologistOur Counseling Psychologist at Leap of Mind, Ms. Melody Cheung, was invited by RTHK to be the guest of the one of their programs on Friday, October 18, 2013 from 1pm to 2pm.


October 10, 2013 – Leap of Mind “Concentric Care Sticker Day”Leap of Mind organized this “Concentric Care Sticker Day” event with the support and participation of numerous corporations, charity organizations and schools. There were more than 10,000 employees and students participating in this “Concentric Care Sticker Day” event during office and school hours by putting on a special made sticker with the slogan, “Together We Care for Mental Health; Together the Community Show Love.”


October 6, 2013 – Mental Health Month Opening Ceremony “Support You” Walkathon 

Leap of Mind, as a supporting organization, participated in the Mental Health Month opening ceremony of “Support You” Walkathon, to promote the importance of mental health. 


July to August 2013 – Summer Parent Seminar Series

Leap of Mind held a series of nine parent seminar this summer with the support from the media. The parent seminar series was a success with participants showing interest in the contents of the seminars, listening attentively, asking questions and expressing opinions eagerly.


December 8, 2012 – “Life Experiential Center – Inspirations of the Life Tunnel”

Sponsored by Mr. 林廷磯 and hosted by Leap of Mind, “Life Experiential Center – Inspirations of the Life Tunnel” psycho-education event was held on December 9, 2012 with the support from Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College. To contribute to youth psycho-education work, Mr. Lam and his work team also participated in this microfilm of the event.  


November 16, 2012 – Sky Post Seminar “Know More about ADHD” 

Our Counselling Psychologist at Leap of Mind, Ms. Melody Cheung, was invited to be the guest speaker for Sky Post’s “Knowing More about ADHD” Talk held on November 16, 2012. Ms. Melody Cheung shared information and knowledge and gave out tips about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the talk. 


July 11, 2012 – “Leap of Mind Seminar – Brighten the Souls & Develop Talents towards New Milestone” 

The seminar was hosted by Lee Lik Chi, a well-known director. With a vivid and engaging speech, Mr. Lee Lik Chi targeted topics relating to the various factors that negatively impact children’s spiritual development, including impact of excessive training in children, burdensome academic stress and limitations that prevent children from exhibiting their talents. Moreover, children participants had the opportunity to explore the sources of their stress and break through their self imposed frames and discover their talents through various diversified games and activities. 


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