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Service Area

1. Professional Training  -  Schools/ Educational Institutions

2. Professional Training  -  Social Services Organization

3. Psycho-education Courses / Talks / Workshops

4. Counselling Services


1. Professional Training  -  Schools/ Educational Institutions

We provide dynamic and tailor-made services for schools and educational institutions to cater the specific needs and culture.

I. Professional Consultation Services for Schools/ Institutions, including:

- System Assessment of the schools’ counselling culture
- Development of a culture of love and care system in school campuses
- Case conference/ professional consultation

II. Professional Training Services for Teaching Staff, including:

- Groups/ Talks/ Workshops
- Psychological assessments for staff members (individual counseling)

III. Services for Parents or Students, including:

- Groups/ Talks/ Workshops
- Variety of activities/events
- Individual counselling


2. Professional Training  -  Social Services Organization

Leap of Mind provides professional psychological trainings for social services organizations to maintain the quality of education/ counseling services by assisting frontline teaching staff and social services providers in professional development.

I. Professional Consultation Services for Social Services Organization, including:

- System assessment of organization culture
- Case study conference/ professional consultation

II. Tailor-made Professional Training Services, including:

- Groups/ Talks/ Workshops
- Understanding and concepts of psychological assessments
- Psychological assessments for staff members (individual counselling)


3. Psycho-education Courses/ Talks/ Workshops

 I.  Spiritual nurturing courses for children and youth
II.  Workshops/ events to promote the parent-child relationship

III. Talks/ events on specific topics on individual growth and parent-child

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4. Counselling Services

Professional counselling services provided by our counselling psychologists.

Language of Service:

Cantonese / English


Public  (everyone, regardless of age and gender)

Operation Hours of Center:

Monday to Friday 0900 to 1800


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