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Service Features

1. Structural System Implementation Method

Our services adopt a Structural System Implementation Method, which is then divided into different stages, including systematic planning, analysis, design and implementation.

2. Team of Counseling Professionals

Our dedicated team of professionals at Leap of Mind provides counseling psychology oriented services for schools, social services organizations, corporation and the public with the commitment to promote public mental health.

3. Well-rounded Professional Service to Promote a Well-balanced Holistic Development

A healthy lifestyle and psychological well-being must be fostered in a well-balanced holistic development. A holistic development includes four different interrelated levels, including individual, family, school (work), and community. Our team of professionally trained counseling professionals provides services from prevention to intervention by considering factors from all four levels, promoting positive impacts at each level and between levels while minimizing recurrences of a focused problem solving approach.

4. Respect for Local Culture, Incorporating Western Psychology into the Chinese Culture

European and American studies have always been the lead in the field of psychology. Our counseling views at Leap of Mind have been researching extensively in Chinese Psychology. Through integration of western theories into the local Chinese culture, Leap of Mind provides unique and tailor-made services to cater the local society.

5. Active Listening and Tailor-made Services from Our Team of professionals

We believe each person or organization is unique. Hence, we listen to your specific needs in spite of the resemblance in the areas or topics, and provide tailor-made services accordingly.  

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